The Diary of Mrs. S

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today's horoscope

You might know exactly what you want, but someone close to you still believes that you are undecided. This is because it could be difficult for you to clearly explain your point of view. The easier way out is to simply keep it all to yourself. On the other hand, disclosure increases the possibility for you to get what you want.

You have the ability now to absorb data from your environment as if you were lying on a beach and soaking in the sunshine. Overt action is not needed; instead, make use of your intuitive abilities. Have faith that your instincts are leading you in the right direction. If you are unsure, trust that feeling too; it may be best to wait until you are more certain about what you want to do.

One day I am unsure of what I want and the next I know exactly? Just like me to be indecisive. Hmmm....very interesting.


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