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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Short Story

Every so often, my niece and nephew have to come to my house before school because of the scheduling conflicts that sometimes arise between my mom and stepdad's schedule. Marshia and JJ live with my mom. Marshia is in first grade while JJ is in Kindergarten (they are 13 1/2 months apart). Obviously, kindergarten at Bartlett Elem. has gotten creative in ways of teaching the alphabet and the sounds the letters make. They have had dress up days like clown day when studying the letter 'C' to name an example. Well, last Friday the kindergarten classes were learning about the letter 'H'. Thus, it was "Horrible, Horrendous Hair Day". What fun, I thought. It also happened to be a morning that the kids were coming to Aunt Jana's house before school. I was going to get to "fix" JJ's hair. Except, he wasn't to thrilled about the idea. See, he has a little obsession about his hair. Basically, he just likes it to be neat and not sticking up. I have witnessed him getting frustrated trying to fix his hair. He's 5! But, my older brother (JJ's dad) has this thing about his hair or at least he used to. JJ must've inherited that little quirk. Back to my story, JJ did decide to participate in "Horrible, Horrendous Hair Day". So, I got the honor of messing up his hair. Dave uses this hair glue stuff, so I thought it would be perfect to use in JJ's hair. I proceeded to wet JJ's hair and smear the glue in it. I had it very 'horrible' looking. It was perfect. Wrong. JJ looked in the mirror, walked out of the bathroom, and whined about his hair. He didn't like it messy! I laughed because the glue was not going to come out of his hair until it was washed. I really didn't know what to do. He asked me to make his hair spike up in the middle. I thought, okay, a mohawk. Cool. Nope. This is what he wanted.

I know, not very horrible. But it is for JJ! He couldn't see the back of his head so I did have that messy.

YAY!! I can do this picture thing. I am going to try to do more with pictures.

That morning when they arrived, of course I had just crawled out of bed (it was 6:30 am, not my time of day), Marshia thought she would be funny and tell me that I could go to school for Horrible, Horrendous Hair Day! Kids can be so honest sometimes. Gotta love 'em. There may be more posts of my 'babies' as I call them. They are a big part of my life!

This is him on Grandparents day!


  • Kids can be honest. Bless their hearts. I asked my nephew one time if I looked fat in the new bikini I had bought, knowing that he would tell me I looked fabulous (he always did before!). Nope, he said "Yes." I guess that's what I get! It's sad b/c at the time, I was so not fat and would kill for that body back!

    By Blogger Silly Hily, At 10:06 AM  

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