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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Drum Roll Please

So, I have thought of a Top Ten for this week. It's kinda random, but I've been picking my brain and can't think of anything.

Top Ten Things I do TOO Fast:
1. Walk: no matter where I go, I walk fast so you better get out of my way. This is probably one reason I hate crowds. I can't walk fast in a crowd.
2. Talk: I have to force myself to talk slow, especially at work. Poor old people just look at me sometimes cuz they probably don't know whether to say "What?" or "Slow down Crazy Lady!"
3. Expect outcome: Of anything....this is likely either the cause or effect of my lack of patience.
4. Jump to Conclusions: I expect the worst out of most situations, therefore may as well conclude the worst. I need to work on letting go and having faith.
5. Read: I love to read but most of all I love the endings of what I read. Hence, I read fast to get to the end because I am impatient...
6. Live: I want to embrace the present but am anxious about the future. Impatient?
7. Think about giving up: At the drop of a hat, I think about not sticking it out with school, usually after an Organic test.
8. Eat: Not always but there are those meals that are so good that you can't get enough of it.
9. Get drunk: after about 2 drinks, I think everything is funny.
10. Think: Often I my mind thinks faster than I can type or write and my hands can't keep up. I probably even dream fast.

As one can imagine, anybody doing anything slow drives me bonkers. It's one of two things, either it's because they are not going fast or that I can't control the speed at which they are doing something. A little impatience + a little control issue= Lucky Gem.

I'm really not a bad person. We all have our quirks about us.


  • I'm there with ya. There is nothing that gives me road rage quite like people that take FOREVER to complete a right turn. GO ALREADY!!! And read the whole book? All the way through without skipping to the end?? Not gonna happen.

    You're too funny. If being impatient and too fast are your only quirks, though, you're doing good.

    Don't forget to update us on the LEEP.

    By Blogger Kimpossible, At 2:12 PM  

  • LEEP had to be rescheduled. But I will keep everyone posted!

    By Blogger Lucky Gem, At 2:25 PM  

  • I am also VERY impatient so I can relate.

    By Blogger Silly Hily, At 4:22 PM  

  • I do everything fast with you, but eat. I eat fast at school and try to enjoy it everywhere else. I remember the days of middle school with both of us talking so fast that no one could understand us. Oh, how we drove my mother crazy.

    By Blogger Blue Angel, At 8:48 PM  

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