The Diary of Mrs. S

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Not an actual Onstar conversation, but a conversation, nonetheless.

Mrs. S: Thank you for holding. This is Mrs. S. Can I help you?

Mr. S: Hey, baby!

Mrs. S: Hey, how are things going?

Mr. S: We just woke up from a nap. Man, she sleeps good in the bed.

Mrs. S: Yea, she sleeps good in her crib.

Mr. S: No, I mean OUR bed.

Mrs. S: WHAT?!

Mr. S: Well, I was tired, and she was tired, so I figured we could both take a nap in the bed. She slept for two hours.

Mrs. S: No you didn't. She has NEVER slept in our bed. You are so dead.

Poor thing. He was so excited about them sleeping for two hours. (I didn't fuss at him, Julie) I laughed about it really, though I couldn't believe he did it. He was even so proud that he thought to put a pillow on one side of her. They had a good day while I was at work. Of course, as soon as I got home, he wanted to take a shower and brush his teeth. He hasn't quite figured out how to do that while having her. Don't worry. I shared the secret.


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