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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thoughtless Thoughts

Oh, Spring Break, I am looking forward to you... Actually, school this semester hasn't been so terrible. I am doing very well in my classes, including the dreadful Organic Chemistry. But what spring break does mean is that I am that much closer to painting The Big Apple red!! Yea, yea, knee slapper.

So far, 2006 has been good to me and the prospect of it getting better is looking good! Starting with the small things, the other day I got up to speed with technology and finally broke down and bought a camera phone with internet access. I don't really need internet access, but why not indulge myself, right? I can't mention this enough, on March 10, Blue Angel and I are flying to New York to pretend we are in Sex and The City (without the sex of course, our hubbies will be at home). The following weekend I will be celebrating my five year wedding anniversary to the greatest husband ever, in which my present will be a diamond band. I ain't waitin' no 10 years for that! I think five years is a pretty darn good start! Then I get to rest for a couple of months. In July, Blue Angel and I are going to relax in Destin for a week, with our hubbies in tow this time. Beach, it's been too long. See, last year with all the hurricanes, we didn't make it to Florida for our annual trip. Hmmm....I don't have anything planned for the rest of the year. Heck, it won't be too much longer until the holidays are here again. Or maybe I'll spend the rest of the year trying to make a baby.


  • You deserve the diamond band. Not that Dave isn't have wanted it for a while. What are you going to drink in NYC? I was thinking of that the other day.

    By Blogger Blue Angel, At 10:20 PM  

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