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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


So excited!! It's official. Blue Angel and I are headed to New York City on March 10th!! YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Two gals in NYC, what could be better.


  • I am soooo jealous! I'd love to go to NYC! At least, I'll be on vacation at the same time cause we're going to Charleston, SC that week. WooHoo! Have fun and check out all the sights. Oh! And don't forget to take lots of pics. If I'm going to live vicariously through y'all, I need visuals, lol.

    By Blogger Kimpossible, At 8:34 AM  

  • What could be better?
    WHAT could be better!
    Three or four or five or six girls in NYC!
    What is this vacation word you speak of? Why, I've never heard of such a thing. Oh, wait, is that one of those things I went on for my honeymoon and will never go on again until I stop having kids and they are grown and.....oh forget it....I'll never know vacation again. :-(
    Have fun for me too and if you don't take lots of pics and blog about it, I will kick your ass! Both of you! And remember, I got mucho weight on you twigs. (You know I say all of that with as much love as possible even though I'm totally jealous!)

    By Blogger Silly Hily, At 1:01 PM  

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