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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oh What A Feeling, Chapter 2

My sister called to tell me that she saw the two pink lines on the stick that she had been hoping for. Yes, my older sis is pregnat. I really hope things go well for her. She has wanted this for so long. She is 29. It got me thinking about my hopes for 2006. I can strike one thing off my list, although I am a little apprehensive about getting ahead of myself on this one. She still has a long way to go. Another thing on my list was to pass Organic Chem. II this semester. Well, good news, I have a B in that class so far and it's halfway over. I have a different teacher, and I am actually 'getting' it! So, I am pretty sure I will be able to scratch that off my list as well. In just over a week, Dave and I will be celebrating five wonderful years of matrimony, check that off my list. I have ordered some new fixtures for the horribly pink master bath, so that is under way. So far, Gavin, Domenic, and baby girl are healthy! And I actually have started not worrying so much, check. I think I am off to a good start. That is half of my list already. The other half is a little more difficult.

I'm probably done until Blue Angel and I get back from New York. Be prepared for the posts and pictures!!!!


  • OMG! Congrats to your sister! I'll keep her and her little one in my prayers.
    Yall have fun in NY and be careful!!!!!!!!

    By Blogger Silly Hily, At 2:25 PM  

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