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Sunday, February 25, 2007

She's still sleeping

Y'all, it's 6:00 am and my baby girl is still asleep. I am up before she is. I put her down at 9:00 pm last night, and she has woken up once. Mr S. was home, so he took that feeding. I'm sure it is just a fluke, although I did buy some different bottles yesterday, and she seems to like them. She ate really good at 1:45 this morning, so that's why she's still asleep. I guess I need to go back to Target (oh, darn) to get some more of those bottles. They're just basic Gerber bottles. Nothing fancy and they're cheap! I have been using the VentAir bottles.

Since Kellie fussed at me for not posting pictures the last couple of posts, I'll leave you with a picture of the cousins with their Valentine's Day presents from their Daddy Lou.

My sweet baby girl

My silly baby niece


  • Horray for babies sleeping the majority of the night!! Silly Girl, it was ME that busted on you for no pictures :)

    I used (still do) the VentAir bottles. They worked great for Morgan with her reflux. Glad switching bottles helped her sleep longer.

    Love the pics--both girls are beautiful. It's awesome they are so close in age and will grow up together.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:02 AM  

  • I have got to go see Eva. We need to plan an afternoon for all the girls to get together. I guess I will then have the experience of holding two babies at once. I don't know how you mommies do it.

    Glad Ryan is being such a sweet girl for you. : )

    By Blogger Blue Angel, At 8:51 PM  

  • That's great that she slept so well for you! Told you it would happen. Hey, cheap bottles, can't beat that.

    Alyssa only liked the Avent bottles and they were sooo expensive.

    The pics are adorable!

    By Blogger Rachel, At 10:37 AM  

  • Love the pictures...they kinda look like far apart are they?? Congrats on the sleeping through the night!

    By Blogger Kelly M, At 8:02 PM  

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