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Monday, January 08, 2007

More getting ready for Baby

Just call us Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. If anyone would have seen Mr. S and I putting the carseats in the vehicles today, they would have peed their pants. It's a good thing we can laugh at each other.
We started with the carseat for his truck. After figuring out how to attach it using the latch system, we found that his truck does not have the latches for rear-facing carseats, so back to square one. Good. We only have to use the seat belt to strap the carseat in place. We did it. Got it in there nice and tight. Son of a.....we forgot to put the seat protector under it. Finally, we succeeded with the seat protector in place and carseat level. One down, one to go.
Both the carseats are Graco so we figured the carrier car seat would install similarly. And it does. End of story, right? Ummm, no. We take the base out to my car. We figured out that my car does have the latch system for rear-facing carseats. Cool, we'll use both the latch and the seatbelt. I decided to put the seat to one side of my car instead of the middle seat so it would be easier for me to get the carrier in and out. Fine, no problem. Riiiight. We get the base all snug and latched and seatbelted, but not before we remembered we forgot the seat protector AGAIN, just before we tightened it down. Great! Shit! Is the base in backwards? Yes, it is. We again, unlatch and unbuckle everything to turn the base around. But before we tightened it down this time, I realized it was a bit difficult to remove the carrier from the base when it is behind the passenger side seat. Whew, close call. We proceeded to move the seat to the middle and start the latching and buckling steps all over. We've gotten pretty good at it by now. Oh, did I mention on two, TWO occasions, we bumped our heads. Seriously, the two stooges in the garage. I think we were more worn out from laughing than actually pulling and tightening straps.
So, here's a picture of the final product in my car. Mr. S's truck was outside in the driveway, so I didn't go take a picture.
Yesterday, my sister (along with Baby Eva) and Blue Angel came over to help me finish up Baby S's room and pack for the hospital. They were such a great help!! I feel a little more prepared.


  • LOVE the baby's adorable! I did Morgan's so it's cute without screaming "BABY!!". Glad the seats are installed and the bag is packed. Feel free to tell me to shut up but, are you sure you can use LATCH AND the seatbelt with the car seat? I had a car seat/base similar to your's (Laura Ashley Graco seat/base) and both Jimmy and I have the LATCH system in our vehicles and the instruction book for the car seat made it clear to use ONLY LATCH OR the seatbelt. Sorry for butting in where it's none of my concern. Again, LOVE Baby S's room...beautiful!!

    By Blogger Kellie, At 7:50 PM  

  • Everything looks so cute!!
    Not much longer honey!
    Everything will be fine.
    Get that Epidural as soon as you can and you will be good to go!
    Glad you are off work. It helps A LOT to have some time to yourself before Baby Girl gets here! Let me know if I can help you with anything!! Love you sister!

    By Blogger Margarita, At 9:18 PM  

  • Her room is too cute. She will love it!! Those damn carseats can piss you off every time. FYI, the middle is the safest place for Baby S anyway, so it's good that's where it fit.

    By Blogger Rachel, At 11:39 AM  

  • Don't feel bad. Those car seats are a bitch. And just wait until you have to put Baby S in it for the first time. I remember wondering why they were letting the hubby and I leave the hospital with a baby we could hardly fasten in the car seat.
    But soon, you'll become pros at it. Heck, I practically throw the kids in their car seats now.

    By Blogger Silly Hily, At 4:40 PM  

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