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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shout Out

First, I want to send a big THANK YOU to Blue Angel for throwing me a great baby shower! Love you!
Second, another THANK YOU to Casey, Hily, Margarita, Kim, and Stefanie for coming to the shower and bringing Baby S gifts. Seeing you girls really meant alot. Y'all are wonderful people.
I got a lot of great gifts. More later. Right now, my back really hurts and I'm exhausted.

Good Night.


  • How nice...hope you post the details...'cause I'm intrusive like that and like to know stuff :) Hope you had a great time. Now comes all the fun parts of finding just the right place for everything and once Baby S comes home, you'll end up moving things 32 times anyway. Rest and have a nice Monday :)

    By Blogger Kellie, At 8:43 PM  

  • It was great seeing everyone. Baby S deserves the best. I love you guys!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:47 PM  

  • I am so sorry about the shoes... you have no idea how embrassed and upset I was that I did that. I am sooo sooo sorry.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:35 AM  

  • Thanks so very much for having us! I had a blast. Can't wait to meet baby Ryan.

    By Blogger takin chances, At 9:28 AM  

  • It was a great shower. Blue Angel did a wonderful job and I appreciated the invite. You're right, it was a lot of fun seeing y'all again, we should do it more often.

    By Blogger Kimpossible, At 8:49 AM  

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