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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Guess What!

I did it! I have gained three pounds! AND, it's official. My pants don't fit anymore. I went shopping Tuesday and was thrilled to get some pants that fit comfortably. Not to the maternity section yet. I did find some pull on black pants that are dreamy on. I haven't been that comfortable in weeks. I bought two pair of exactly the same pants and different color V-neck shirts. I was so excited!

Today, I am going out looking at baby beds!!!!! I am going to scout out some places while the hubby is sleeping, and when he gets up we'll go buy one. I can't wait. I haven't really done much looking, don't really know what I want or anything else about it. I just want something to look at when I go into the baby room. Right now, it is still set up as the guest bedroom. We painted it yellow when we bought this house, so that's already done.

OH! I find out the sex of the baby on Sept. 8! The next few weeks are going to drag by. Believe me, I will let you guys long as the baby cooperates. :)


  • Please make sure you get my baby neice or nephew a comfortable bed. And make sure it's pretty and sturdy. umm...and it is the best because he or she only deserves the best that we can provide. I am so excited!! Let me know if you buy it so I can come see it.

    By Blogger Blue Angel, At 4:53 PM  

  • I got a great sturdy bed at Unpainted Furniture on Germantown road.. and it is gorgeous. We are buying the same one for the new one.. and it is one of the convertible 3 in 1's.. what I like is that it is EXTREMELY sturdy... Oh, and most of their furniture is painted or stained.

    By Blogger What The Hell Is This?, At 10:19 AM  

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