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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Birth Story Part I

My labor and delivery was pretty uneventful. But hey, I have a new found freedom with a little less modesty, so I'll share.
It all started last Sunday, Jan. 21. I hadn't really been feeling good for the past couple of days, but I was in the last week and figured it was just fatigue. Sunday afternoon, Mr. S and I went to the grocery store. It was a little difficult to walk around the store, and I actually had a few mild contractions while we were there. Didn't think much about it. I did nothing the rest of the day. Just stayed on the couch, not feeling well, hurting mildly. I had talked to my mom a couple of times, and she was sure I was in early stages of labor. I liked to pretend I wasn't even pregnant and labor wasn't the issue. Ya know, like if you ignore something, it'll go away. I was a little scared of the whole labor thing. Baby girl let me watch my Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters with little interruption. Then, about 9:30 pm my contractions were pretty strong and coming every 15 minutes. This went on for about two hours. I talked to my mom again, Mr. S called the hospital to see how long to wait to come. They said with contractions about 5 minutes apart. Well, that is all they had to say because as soon as Mr. S hung up the phone, the contractions started coming every 5 minutes. The call was made again to my mom (by this time is was 11:30 pm or so), and she met us at our house 5 minutes later. Off we went to the hospital. By the time I made it to the hospital, my contractions were anywhere from 2-4 minutes apart. I was in horrible pain. Like nothing I had ever experienced before. Like nothing I ever want to experience again.
Then it hit me. I was at the hospital. I was about to have a baby. A real, live baby. I was about to have to push out a real, live little person.


  • WHAT??!!! It's like I was watching an awesome show, it was getting really good, and then the freakin' cable goes out!! Girly, you can't leave us hanging like that :)

    Now, I'm all thinking back to my birthing memories...and want to share with everyone...but, I won't.

    Waiting patiently for Part II....hope you all are doing well :)

    By Blogger Kellie, At 8:30 PM  

  • lol.. Awesome.. and hell, I am hitting the hospital before that.. at 3cm already, I am takin' no chances.

    By Blogger What The Hell Is This?, At 9:43 AM  

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